DNA Newspaper, Saint Louis
November 17, 2007
"Small Opera among friends"

The TriRhena Symphony Opera & Orchestra presented a public performance Friday in Saint Louis without sacrificing any musicality. This was the premier of the TriRhena Opera for the newly constructed Café Littéraire of Saint Louis. This version of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro was more accessible and closer to the public while conserving the color of the original version.  [full text]
l’Alsace Newspaper, Saint Louis
November 14, 2007
"Café Littéraire-Marriage of Figaro"

The TriRhena Symphony Opera & Orchestra offered a musical and vocal presentation of quality at the Café Littéraire of Saint Louis Friday. Music lovers were enchanted. There was a full house, standing room only attendance for the Friday night performance...  [full text]
DNA Newspaper, Saint Louis
November 8, 2007
"A «Figaro»… and the check!"

The TriRhena Symphony Opera & Orchestra performs Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro at the Café Littéraire of Saint Louis. The TriRhena Symphony Opera & Orchestra is a tri-national musical ensemble active for a year. They are a thinking tank of fresh ideas fueled by dreams and desires...  [full text]
l'Alsace one day newspaper
November 6, 2007
"A Woman and a conductor"

Sarah Danielle is a musician who is active in the USA and Europe. She lives in Saint Louis, France on the Swiss border. This American is a conductor, pianist and organist. She comes from a musical family... [full text]
DNA, 31 May 2006
"The TriRhena Symphony Orchestra and Opera launches a bold concept"

The TriRhena Symphony Orchestra and Opera launches a bold concept... Many have dreamed and attempted a three-country collaboration and now everyone is waiting for the result. But because of the exuberance of conductor, Sarah Danielle, the formation of a three-country orchestra has passed from an idea to a reality...  [full text]
L'Alsace, 3 June 2006
"A conductor in Saint Louis"

A conductor in Saint Louis. Music is her life. She conducts internationally. Sarah Danielle is a conductor who earned her dilpoma from the Luzern Conservatory of music. She lives in Saint Louis... [full text]
DNA, 8 April 2005
"The Collegium on the move"

The Temple St. Jean of Mulhouse, France had the ambience of a recording studio where the Collegium Musicum Orchestra recorded for an original score submission for a big Hollywood production. Sarah Danielle was conductor and also composed the classical selection... [full text]
DNA, 8 April 2005
...a gifted and unique conductor...
L'Alsace, 6 April 2005

"It sounds great!"

The conductor, Sarah Danielle... "She is very likeable and very competent, precise and clear in her conducting. She knows how to transmit her vision of the interpretation of the work. She has a very good ear", exclaimed several players who expressed their delight by the experience.... [full text]

L'Alsace, 1 April 2005

"The Collegium plays for Hollywood"

The orchestra from Mulhouse (France) is recording a song written by a Hollywood composer under the direction of an American conductor, Sarah Danielle, who also composed a classical selection for the project. The music will be submitted for a Hollywood film... [full text]

DNA, 27 March 2005
An order coming from Hollywood

The Collegium Musicum Orchestra of Mulhouse, France is ready to record a world creation to be transmitted on the other side of the Atlantic for a Hollywood film submission. Conductor, Sarah Danielle, was chosen for this project and also composed the classical selection... [full text]

Luzerner Zeitung (Switzerland - January 2004)


The "Dreikonigskonzert" in Engelberg, an overture to the new musical year...

P.I Tchaikovsky wrote twelve intimate pieces, "The Seasons" with the goal of intimate piano concerts.

Young conductor Sarah Danielle orchestrated five of the Seasons for the Junge Philharmonie Zentralschweiz as a world premiere in a sovereign musical manner. The audience responded with great enthusiasm.

La presse Riviera Chablais (May 2002)

Théâtre de l’Oriental in Vevey (Switzerland)

...The "Harmony of Peace", a piano concert of high quality. excellent pianist, Sarah Danielle enchanted the audience with her interpretation of Debussy’s "Petit Suite".

Through her talent and charm, she has made a name in Vevey (Switzerland) and through her playing, has captivated the audience.

Vevey Hebdo (May-June 2002)

"A Concert of young virtuosos at the Salle Orientale of Vevey, Switzerland..."

...A very satisfying experience for the listener...

Through Miss Danielle’s sublime musical interpretation filled with colors and splendor, she demonstrated to the public her exceptional pianistic skill. However, it was the Piano Trio # 1 of Mendelssohn that fully revealed her talent and virtuosity while being a sensitive chamber music partner to her fellow musical musicians. She received a warm ovation by an appreciative audience.

...a concert that will remain in memory...
1998, Wiesbaden, Walluf
The young pianist charmed the audience with her humor and talent. She held everyone in the palm of her hands...